ggggggggggg (1)Wasta Bin Jackers was born out of necessity! As you know, over the past few years our industry has seen some amazing growth. Bin dealers throughout the country have gone away from building their own bins in house with their crews and have been relying on using subcontractors to erect the bins.  It doesn’t take many conversations with these bin dealers to learn their frustrations of dealing with multiple bin erectors and wading through the lack of communication; common sense, timeliness, professionalism, and quality work.

It is with this frustration that we found a solution.

Evan Anderson, Founder and Co-Owner of Wasta Bin Jackers has a long history in farming and construction.  With specialized experience in carpentry, log homes, millwright work, and steel buildings grain bins seemed very straightforward.  Being employed in the industry with a well respected Bin dealer, he saw the opportunity to provide a much need service and Wasta Bin Jackers was created.

Today, Wasta Bin Jackers builds farm and commercial grain bins throughout the Midwest, primarily for a handful of large grain bin dealers in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.